Britney Spears Better Then Ever


Last night I watched a biography about Britney Spears and they made it a point during the biography to point out the fact that she had this very public melt down and how she lost it and cut her hair and was acting out when she was going through her melt down. And also how she’s made a comeback, which that in itself I do not at all agree with, Britney never left to make a come back. She had a very human moment, as we all will at some point in our lives and she had a meltdown. She’s human and she’s a human living in the public eye, with her every move being closely watched by those that don’t have a real life of their own! They were also talking about how people judged her as a mother for the mistakes that she made after becoming at mother, again something else that I did not agree with at all!


I feel like compared to how so many others have handled themselves when they’ve had hard times in their lives and how she’s handled herself and how much she’s been targeted as a celebrity that she’s handled herself very well. If all that she’s done is cut her hair and acted out some and then picked herself up and gotten herself together, then she’s handled things very well if you ask me. She could of let herself become an alcoholic and a drug addict and let those things take her down during her hard times but she didn’t. So what she cut her hair, hair grows back and at the end of the day she picked herself up and got it together and is now back where she belongs and that’s on top.


Now as far as them making it seem like she was a bad mother because she made a few mistakes after having her babies. What parents haven’t made mistakes, there’s no guidebook that comes with being a parent. We all learn as we go as parents, the only thing that she’s ever done that I don’t agree with is her holding one of her kids while driving but that doesn’t make her a bad parent. And we’ve all done things as a parent that maybe we shouldn’t have, those are the things that we learn from as parents and that makes us better parents and better people! But I don’t feel like Britney Spears is a bad parent or like she’s ever done anything any different then any other parent has done.

I’ve always been a fan of Britney Spears and I applaud her for how she’s handled her life and her had times and I think that she’s here to stay and she headed towards legendary status and we will be hearing from her for years and years to come!


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