Times Changing But Staying The Same

I watched an episode of this show called unsung about music artist/groups that at one time in their career had amazing success and now they aren’t as successful/famous anymore or they may be dead or had members of their group die over the years. Long story short is they did a episode about this now iconic group called Lisa Lisa and the cult and I was looking at her hairstyle from back in the 1980’s and I was like wow this is crazy to see a hair style from over 30’s ago now be the same kind of hairstyles that we now wear today.

Looking at Lisa Lisa hair, I’m like wow we are now getting our haircut just like how she wore her hair all those years ago, its just another reminder of how life changes but stays the same also. And I actually love how Lisa Lisa wore her haircut back then and she said on this episode of unsung that she actually cut her hair like this on accident because she had been cutting her own hair and she cut to much off on one side. So I would have to say that she probably should get the credit for starting a hairstyle that has carried on for over 30 plus years.


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