Not Being The Voice For Anybody But MYSELF/YOURSELF!

I wanted to do this posting because I sometimes will get hate because I’m black and I guess that I’m suppose to be the voice of all black people and think for all or think the way that a lot of black people seem to think but I don’t and will never work that way. I’m an adult that can think for herself and me being black has nothing to do with how I think, how I feel or my views on certain things. but I do feel like a lot of black people let the fact that they are black determine how they feel about certain things. They’ve completely lost all sense of self and having their own minds and their own opinions when it comes to certain things.

For example this whole Chrisette Michele/Donald Trump thing, the fact that she’s a black woman that chose to perform at his inauguration because God forbid that a black person do anything to help Donald Trump out or to make him look good, especially the day that he was sworn in and every black person in the country is against him. So its the end of the world the fact that she chose to accept what was done and accept things for what they were/are and that’s the fact that Donald Trump was/is our president now! I mean me personally there’s nothing that could get me to ever even be in the same room as somebody that’s such a horrible disgusting person like Donald Trump but I get why she chose to perform for him and at the end of the day that was still a huge deal and a once in a lifetime opportunity for her and she did actually use it to make a statement for black people. But I think that people were to busy being mad to see that part of her performance.

But it’s just another example of black feeling like all black people have to think alike or feel the same way about every little thing and not have their own minds and opinions on things. Another example and the main reasons why I’m doing this blog post is because I’m the first to speak up against black people, I’m the first person to say what I can’t stand, what I don’t like about black people and the things that a lot of times makes me ashamed to be black. I’m also at a point in my life where I have moments where I only want to date white men and oh my God the hate that I get for that from black men. Because God forbid that a black woman want a white man when it comes to black men, they get so upset and so “but hurt so to speak”.

Black men can’t handle a black woman not wanting them and her wanting a white man, it’s like their world comes to an end. And sometimes when I say something that goes against the opinions of black people or I defend a white person online I sometimes get so much hate because I like Chrisette Michele also have my own mind on things and me being black will never be the reason why I feel the way that I do about anything in life! Me being ME, me being QUANTAE, me having my own mind, my own opinions and my own outlook on things and ME BEING THE PERSON THAT RUNS MY MIND will always be the reasons why I feel the way that I do on things and that’s it as far as I go!

I just think that a lot of black people need to learn to think for themselves and stop letting their color control and dictate their opinions, how they feel and run their brains for them. I think that a lot of black people need to let who they are as a person and as adults be what determines how they feel about things and that’s it! And they need to worry less about how others feel and what others think and worry more about themselves and they need to realize that some of know better then to let our color run our lives!


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