When Is It Okay To Take A Chance

5:58am on this Friday morning and I’m currently in a situation with this guy where I’m so uncertain about if he’s right for me in so many ways, it’s a new relationship but I’m already seeing so many red flags but also I’m physically not attracted to him but he seems like a great guy in so many ways that so many men these days aren’t great. And I do know that my standards are so high when it comes to men and relationships and that’s apart of why I haven’t had any real luck when it comes to love and relationships. But I also know that I don’t want to settle for less then I deserve and I personally need to be attracted to whoever I’m dating. And I know that there are some people that looks don’t matter to them but for me looks and being physically attracted to that person matters to me.

But at what point does a person maybe not worry so much about looks and worries more about how that person treats them, the chemistry between them and all the others things that matter when it comes to that relationship? So that’s the dilemma that I’m in right now, even though there are some red flags and things that are making me feel like he may not be right for me and I normally would listen to those red flags and those feelings that are telling me that he’s not right for me. But there’s something strong that’s drawing me towards him and something that won’t make me let him go just yet. But I’m really having a hard time with the fact that he’s not my type, so I’m not sure how to get past this but I really want to give this a real shot with him and know that I gave it a good go if things don’t end up working between us.

So I’m wanting advice about getting over the physical part of all of this and being okay with who he is physically, not sure how I go about handling this and dealing with this and being okay who he is physically. I really feel like he’s a good guy and even with the many issues I been having with our relationship I know that there’s chemistry and potential for something great between us and the issues that I’m having, not so much him but me but those things that can be fixed. But it’s the physical part that I don’t know how to get past but I really want to, I just have to figure out how. And advice on this would be greatly appreciated, I know that I can’t be the first person with this dilemma?!


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