Immature Men Children/Little Boys

I’m on social media all the time and I see all kinds of crazy things but the one thing that will always blow my mind is how immature a lot of men are but they are suppose to be grown ass men. I’m a single mother so clearly I’m not a virgin but when I see men posting dick pictures it disgusts me and it shows how immature and just how childish these kinds of men really are. They are nothing more then children in grown men bodies. And me being a woman that isn’t a virgin nothing as simple as a picture of a penis is going to do shit for me! It’s not like I’ve never seen a penis before up close and personal and it’s not like its not something that every other man has. And in a world where anybody can get online and watch porn and hell even live sex if they want to. So what the fuck is a picture of a penis suppose to do to any real woman that’s had sex before and in a day and age where you can watch actual people have sex?

And in what world does a mature grown man think that sending a woman or posting a picture of his penis is going to impress her or that that’s how a mature man is suppose to act?! This type of shit really blows my damn mind, in reality men doing these types of things just shows how immature they are and that they still have the minds of hormonal teenagers. Real men know better then this and I always have to say to myself, dude you don’t have anything that the next man doesn’t have, I’m not that easy, I’m not some hormonal high school woman that’s never seen a dick before and you really need to grow the fuck up in my head when I see shit like this. It’s so funny/lame/pathetic/aggravating and sad all in one to see that this is what social media/society and a lot of men have come to! And these men/children give good men a bad name!


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