Irresponsible Parents

So like I said on my last posting I’m always on social media, I’m a very sociable type of person and sometimes I’m on sites that I don’t personally find appropriate for people to be posting pictures of their children on. And I feel like as a parent you should be careful when it comes to posting pictures of your children anyways, even on more family orientated sites, careful with how much of them you post and careful with what type of pictures of your children that you post. It’s our job as parents to protect our children and some of these sites are not meant for children’s pictures and when I see pictures that some parents post of their kids on some of these sites it really drives me insane and blows my mind.

To me it says/shows how irresponsible of a parent they are to not know better then to be posting their kids in certain places online. Some of these sites people be posting inappropriate pictures of their body parts, some of these sites have nasty ass old ass pervert men on them and these types of sites are not where pictures of children should be! It’s so disturbing to see how irresponsible some parents are and how much they don’t know better and how little they care to protect their children like they are suppose to. It just blows my mind, like how can any parent not know better, these types of things should come natural to any parent when it comes to children. And once you post something online it’s out there forever and you no longer have any control over who sees it or what they may be doing while they are looking at these pictures of your children.

That’s why we as parents have to be careful when/where/how/how much we show of our children and on some sites you just should know better then to be posting your child there!


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