How Different Things Look As An Adult

So the other day I was watching N’Sync called it’s gonna be me and for some reason I found the video to be so hilarious and I was noticing how amazing of a video it was choreography wise and the music video treatment also. And it was so crazy to me because it wasn’t the first time that I’ve seen this video but it was the first time that I’ve this video in probably about 15 years or so. So seeing this video now as a 32 year old adult made me it in different eyes and actually have an opinion of the video.

Seeing this video as an adult made me see all the hard work that went into this video, the treatment of this particular video was such an amazing and ahead of its time video. Whoever wrote this video was a smart writer and the choreography was amazingly done and every move had to be on point. It just amazed me that as an adult I actually have an opinion of a video that I’ve probably seen hundreds of times as a teenager and back then I didn’t think anything of it. But now as an adult I find this video hilarious and I see all the hard work that was behind this particular video.

It just blew my mind how different age and time can change ones outlook on something that they’ve seen or experienced before but at a different/younger time in their life. I actually like this video a lot more now seeing it through adult eyes and seeing this video for what it really is. And not to mention that no video has ever made me laugh the way that  this video did, it’s down right hilarious to me. I love it so much, as I always have, just more now. Amazing/great/ahead of it’s time video!


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