Jackie Robinson Day

I’ve gotten into baseball recently and watching some of today’s/yesterday’s games and I’m learning that April 15th of every year in baseball is Jackie Robinson day and every teams players wear number 42 in honor/memory of him. And after seeing the movie called 42 about his life in baseball and seeing all that he went through just to play baseball, break barriers for black people and other minorities and just to share the gift that God gave him with the world was crazy to see. I’ve never had a movie make me so upset/made/angry and sad all in one like this 42 movie did. It literally had me in tears by the end, it was such a great/touching/heartbreaking/true story of how hard it was for black people back in the 1940’s and in baseball more then anything in this movie.


It was a story/the story that needed to be told and I would like to think that Jackie Robinson would be proud of that movie and his story finally being told and it was so well told. So for me after seeing that movie and all these years later to see all these white baseball players wearing his number, when if this was 40-50 or more years ago some of these same white players would hate black baseball players. I feel like Jackie Robinson is finally getting the justice that he so deserves and I feel like he’s looking down having the last laugh and I feel like he’s looking down happy at how far we’ve come as black people but most importantly how far baseball has come. I feel like he’s looking down and is proud and happy.

jackie-robinson 2

I’ve definitely been sitting here crying some tonight knowing all of this, it makes me feel so many emotions inside but I know that all of the suffering that Jackie Robinson went through wasn’t for nothing. He’s the true definition of a hero and if it wasn’t for him who knows if black men would be playing baseball in the major leagues or at all for that matter. So as hard as it is knowing what Jackie Robinson went through it was all worth it in the end!


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