How Men Speak These Days/This Generation

It’s so disgusting to me how men these days speak and how they speak to women, it’s down right disgusting in all honesty, it’s like men these days have no home training and weren’t raised right, like they have no home training. They speak with all this slang and call women all out of their names, men these days just aren’t at all like they use to be, men these days are horrible. I wish that men would go back to being how they use to be and act like they have home training and like they have self respect. I just can’t stand how these men are these says and they have no respect for women anymore, the same women that give birth to these sorry as men. No matter what women do they don’t deserve to be treated how men treat women these days. Men just are disgusting assholes these days.

It’s just so sickening how men are now, it just disgusts me truly. It’s hard to even be around good decent men anymore, men just aren’t made like they use to be. There aren’t that many good men left in the world, especially not in my generation or the generations younger then me. Good men are few, far and in between these days, that is for sure!


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