Starting Meditation

So I decided to start meditating and I just finished doing my second morning of it via YouTube videos by this one user. I don’t know why I just want to be a more peaceful person all around, I want to get my temper under better control, be a nicer person, be a calmer person, just overall be a better me. I’m just at a place in my life where I want my life to be more peaceful and calmer. So I’m trying some new things that are suppose to be therapeutic and help to make people/myself calmer and a better person. I’ve also taken on adult coloring, I recently got my first adult coloring book and I’ve been coloring in it every late night this week and I’ve really been enjoying it. And now meditation also along with that and writing in my journal more, which I need to get better about & also blogging here. So hopefully all of these things will help to make me a better me and a better person overall!




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