Bus Driver Appreciation

bus 2I don’t drive, “by choice” long story but long story short, I have to walk my son to his bus stop Tuesday-Friday and my son bus driver knows this. And she’s been such an amazing bus driver when it comes to my son this entire school year so far. But it was bad weather on Thursday morning and she texted me to let me know that where she was before she got to my son bus stop & to let me know that she would pick him up from our house so that we didn’t have to get caught in the rain. And we had already made it to the bus stop but when she texted me we turned around and walked back home before the rain made it to us. And she did end up picking him up from our house instead of the bus stop that morning. And that was the one of a few times that she’s went above and beyond for my son and for myself because she knows the situation with my son living in two homes between my house and his dad house every other week and with me having to walk him to the bis stop.

And she’s gone above and beyond more then once and done way more then most bus drivers and people would do. She’s just an amazing person and she really cares about the kids that ride her bus and for that and for everything that she’s done for my son and myself I felt like I had to get her something just to say thank you, since my son last day of school is Friday and he will be moving onto middle school next year, so he may not see her anymore after Friday. So I got her a cute little card that I’m going to write a  nice little thank you in and give it to her Thursday. I just want her to know how thankful I am and how much I appreciate all that she’s done and I want her to know how great of a person that she is!

I also got a card for his teacher because she’s been such a great teacher to my son for not just one but two school years because she moved up a grade at the end of last year and I let my son stay in her class. And my son has had a lot of challenges these last two school years and he wouldn’t of made it as far as he has without her. So I want to show her how much I appreciate her also! Sometimes it’s the small thank you’s that matter and I feel like my son teacher and his bus driver both deserve thanks yous from me, they are both amazing people and I appreciate them so much for all that they’ve done!


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