Women Doing what Men Do/Me Not Being Impressed

women picking up a brick

Early this morning somebody posted this video of a woman picking up a brick and putting what looks to be some dirt on it and laying it back down in the video above and me being me, I saw this video and I really didn’t see what the big damn deal was about it and I still don’t. And some people got mad at what I said but I don’t feel like she did anything special and it’s not like a brick weighs all that much. And I know that men will come behind her and finish the point that she was trying to prove.

Not to mention that this woman is wearing a dress and if she was really trying to start the process of building something she wouldn’t be wearing a damn dress, I mean come on, she was clearly just trying to prove that she could pick up a brick and nothing more. So I posted a pictures of Gary’s girls from the TV show Texas flip and move, women that actually do build houses every single day. They buy these old houses and fix them up and add onto them and resell them and they rebuild/fix these houses themselves by hand!



garys girls

These are the type of women that impress me, these women are the real deal when it comes to women that build houses, not some women in a dress trying to prove a point but not actually doing anything special. But once again this is just my opinion on this topic and I do still personally feel like building houses/buildings is still a male dominated field and I personally don’t think that it’s something that women should be doing, just like there are things that I personally don’t feel like men should be doing. But hey more power to women that are in this field, they impress me even if I don’t agree with their careers!


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