Jorge Garcia Deported To Mexico

I debated about posting this situation because I try not to get to heavy on my blog and because politics isn’t something that is something that I want to get into with people, especially not on my own personal blog. But sometimes you have to speak about things that happen when they aren’t right and when they shouldn’t be happening. And me being the very outspoken type of person that I am I feel that I need to speak on this horrible/sad/heartbroken situation.

So as many of you know Jorge Garcia, a guy who came to America when he was ten years old, clearly to young to decide if he should come here illegally, clearly he came here with his parents or his family and he’s been in America now for 30 years, he has his own family now, he’s a working man, just trying to live the “American dream”. He’s not come harden criminal here illegally committing crimes and he hasn’t lived in Mexico since he was ten years old, America is all that he knows, America is his home. But because we now have Donald Trump as our president and Jorge Garcia is to old to be on Doca Donald Trump has deported Jorge Garcia back to Mexico, he’s taken him away from his life and his family and this isn’t okay. This isn’t how you treat people, these types of things should never happen. But Donald Trump being the racist/ignorant/bigot that he is has come in and is destroying this country more and more every single day!

This man Jorge Garcia should have never been deported and we have to get him back home “AMERICA” where he belongs, is this what we are doing now, is this how we are treating people now, is this what America is standing for now, is this what America is about now? And when you watch the video above and you see the pain and you see his family crying while he’s being deported it’s absolutely heartbreaking and any decent human being would be sad/heartbroken/disgusted by this happening! So we have to make sure that this never happens again and we have to bring Jorge Garcia home where he belongs and this is just another reason why we have to get this devil Donald Trump out of the white house, he’s literally the devil in human form and he has no business being the president!

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