I’m Back, Long Time No Blogging

So I had no intentions on blogging anytime soon, blogging for me has always been a thing that I’ve struggled with, I’ll start blogs and then stop using them shortly after and as always I abandoned this one also. But lately I’ve been getting some activity on my old posts and new followers, so I took that as a sign that I need to get back to blogging and try to really be a full time blogger. So this is my attempt at getting back into blogging. So I think that I’m going to do what I’m seeing so many other bloggers do and that’s having set days that I post every week in the hopes of that making it easier for me to want to become a full time blogger, without any of the pressure on myself to do so. So I have to think about what days will be good for me but I definitely want to do either a Friday or Saturday night, weekends are always good days for me and I think that probably some day in the middle of the week will be best also, that way I’m blogging in the middle and at the end of each week. And also if there are random days that I feel the need to blog i’ll do that also but I think that having set days might work for me, to hopefully make it less stressful and to not have so much pressure on myself when it comes to blogging.

But we will see if this works for me or not, I’ve never tried this before but I want to give it a try, I really would like to finally become a full time blogger. I’ve been blogging on and off, “more off” for years now and I really want it to finally be a full time, long time thing that I do from here on out. So I need to figure out how to blog and actually enjoy it and not feel pressured to blog and not want to keep giving up on it! So figures crossed this time around but I’m happy to be back blogging. And I definitely have some things to talk about now that I’m back. So I look forward to sharing what’s been happening in my life lately and also my many reviews on some things that I’ve been trying lately and also the random things that I like to blog about also. And I look forward to hearing back from you all also….


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