Recent Product(s) Review

So lately I’ve been using Garnier whole blends line of shampoos and conditioners and I recently posted pictures of all of this line that I’ve tried on some of my social media accounts and Garnier saw it and they reached out to me and sent me a few things from this line that they saw that I said was my favorite. And one of the things that they sent me was their leave in shampoo from their legendary olive part of their whole blends line and even though I had already tried the shampoo and conditioner part of this line, I hadn’t tried the leave in conditioner, so I was excited to try it.


So I tried it yesterday when I washed my hair and at first I felt like it was making my hair feel dry as I was applying it onto my hair but once I blew dried my hair once I was done styling it I realized how soft my hair was/is as I type this right now and that was/is a huge plus for me, being a natural hair woman having soft curls isn’t an easy thing to accomplish all the time. So when I felt/feel how soft my hair is due to this Garnier legendary olive leave in conditioner, I’m sold. I like it for that alone, so will I be buying this from here on out if I can find it, absolutely and I’ll also be trying their other leave in conditioners from this whole blends line if I can find them also. So I definitely would recommend this leave in conditioner, along with this entire line of shampoo(s)/conditioners.


keritain polish

Lately my nails have been going through it, I’m a nail biter, always have been but I’ve been trying to repair and grow my nails back out and a few weeks ago I went and got this stop the bite nail polish and I started using it and it completely destroyed not only my nails but the skin on my fingers above my nails, so I had to stop using it, it was complete garbage. So I’ve been trying different things since then to try to fix my nails and to stop biting them at the same time without the nasty no bite stuff being on my nails and I just wasn’t having any hope. The no bite nail polish had my nails in such horrible condition, they were never in such horrible shape like they were after using this horrible no bite nail polish.

But Saturday I went and got this three day keratin growth polish in the hopes of it fixing and helping to grow my nails and I used it immediately and yesterday when I woke up I started saw how much better my nails looked and the polish actually made my nails harder also, which is always a good thing when its your real nails but for me it was what my nails needed after how soft the no bite polish left my nails for weeks now. But it’s only been one day so far, so as far as the three day growth it’s to soon for me to know how true that is or isn’t but I do think that in two more days I’ll see some growth. Just from how much nicer my nails are already looking and how they are feeling already. So I personally like this product and I would recommend this one also.



So while looking for the growth nail polish I remembered that I needed some nail polish remover and I saw this pump nail polish remover and that was my first time ever seeing and I was like okay this looks cool, so I got it. And when I got home I tried it and I immediately loved how fast it worked, that was number one and then I noticed how amazing it smelled and I’ve never used a nail polish remover that actually had a good scent to it before, yet alone one that smelled like perfume. It smells so good, the only thing that I have to figure out is how to close it and stop it from coming out when I’m using it but that’s just because I’ve never used a pump nail polish remover before, so I just have to figure out to lock it into place after using it. But I definitely would recommend this product also and this will be what type of nail polish remover that I use from here out.



Last but not least, I have an oily nose and I’m always looking for something that will help this problem and I’ve tried a few things over the last couple of years and I haven’t found anything that works for me just yet. So when I saw this Shugar soap works at the dollar tree and saw that it was a more organic healthy herbal type of soap. I said maybe it’ll help, even though I got it from the dollar tree, I was still willing to give it a try, it looks like a decent soap. So I’ve been trying it since Saturday night but like the few other things that I’ve tried so far, it’s not helping my oily nose really at all. I mean it does try my face out some, which is a good thing when you have an oily nose. But it doesn’t last long enough for me, within two-three hours I need to wash my face again because my nose is oily.

So no I wouldn’t recommend this soap for oily skin but just as a regular soap, then yes I would because it has an amazing smell to it, it smells like fruity pebbles cereal. But it is really drying, so if you don’t want your skin to be to dry then this may not work for you but I like it, I just won’t buy it again because it serves no purpose for my face but I don’t think that it’s a bad product, just not for me. So I would love to hear about your experiences using any of the products that I’ve mentioned in this review, I would love to hear your thoughts on these products, I would love to hear back from you. So until next time….


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