My Son Switching Schools

It’s hard for me to write this posting but I know that there are other parents that have dealt with this issue or situation and maybe me writing about my son’s experience and me hearing back from other parents that it’ll help me as a parent get through this tough time. So long story short my son is in his first year of middle school but technically he’s also in elementary at the same time. Let me explain, he goes to an academy school and they stop elementary in fourth grade and they start middle school in fifth grade but because here in Florida fifth grade is still considered elementary, so they have their own side of the middle school that my son goes to. He’s been in this academy school now for four years and he’s been struggling in math and language arts for now four years but when he was still in actual elementary they were willing to work with him and they helped me and helped him and put him in programs to get him through elementary so that he could move onto middle school this year.

So I as a parent made the mistake of thinking that because the middle school was just a higher grade version of the elementary academy school that my son had been going to for three years before that things would still be the same but boy was I so wrong. From the first time that I even walked into the middle school I got a bad taste in my mouth when I went to buy uniforms for my son to wear over the summer from the lady that sells the uniforms and that should of been a red flag. But I let that go but after a few weeks they were already basically telling me that my son wasn’t going to pass the fifth grade and that maybe this school isn’t for him, which is so out of line but I once again let it go because I’m the parent, not the people in charge at the school. But as the year has gone on my son has continued to struggle in math and language arts, which is expected and everybody has known about, he’s not perfect, as no kid is or no person is, we all struggle in life period. And most of us struggled in something in school but unlike the elementary school the middle school hasn’t been willing to do anything to really help my son, all that they keep doing is bringing me problems with no solutions.

And their attitudes have been so horrible in the things that they say to me as a parent and at this point they’ve basically given up on my son. And they basically told my son father at a meeting that he had with them yesterday that they will kick my son out of the school because his grades aren’t meeting their requirements in order for them to keep their reputation, to them how they are looked at means more then helping out their students and how sickening that is, is beyond me. So basically my son father has taken him out of this school and he’s going back into regular elementary for the rest of this school year, where according to my son’s father and the academy my son will get the help that he needs, the help that the academy claims that it can’t give him. This isn’t what I wanted but his dad is going over my head and promising me that this will be what’s best for my son, which in the long run it may be and he may be able to pull up his grades in time to go back to middle school next year but it’ll be a public middle school for one year and then I’m going to try to get him into an arts school to finish out middle school.

So tomorrow will be my son official first day back in elementary school and I’m having such a hard time mentally with the thought of taking my son out of one school and putting him into another one and halfway through the year at that. And I’ve never heard of anybody personally taking their child out of one school and putting them into another one, it just seems and feels so weird and foreign to me but I’m hoping that this is what’s best for my son in the long run but at the end of the day it’s done now. But I do know one thing for sure and that’s the fact that I’m done with this academy middle school and I’ll never put my son back in that school and I have nothing good to say about that school. And if you ask me as a parent they have the wrong attitudes as educators and they are hiring the wrong types of people to be educators and they all need retraining and they need to learn what’s important and what’s not! And now I’m left to pick up the pieces and figure out a way to mentally be okay with where my son will be going to school for the rest of the school year, when none of this was my plan. But I’m just hoping that in the end my son being switched schools will benefit him and get him where he needs to be!



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