Hi my name is Quantae I’m a 32yr old mother & I’ve tried this blog thing so many times and I never keep up with it but I’m hoping that I can this time around. I’m single mother to a 9yr old little boy, that’s my world, with this blog I want to share my crazy and at times chaotic life, in the hopes that other people can relate to some of the things that I go through and deal with & maybe inspire others or maybe have some of my readers/fellow bloggers inspire me. I’ll also for sure be sharing my personal opinion on lots of things, I’m a very opinionated  person. So if you can’t handle honesty then my blog isn’t for you! But I do want to share apart of myself with my readers and my outlook on particular things. So please enjoy & try not to get offended with/by my blog and feel free to comment on any of my postings. I look forward to hearing from some of you!