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Hi my name Quantae I'm here to share with you the sometimes crazy, emotional, chaotic life of a single mother dong her best in this place that we call life!

Cinnamon Apple Spice Tea Review….


A few weeks ago I got a few more teas because I buy teas almost every week, some that I’ve tried and love but mostly teas that I haven’t tried yet. And this cinnamon apple spice tea I hadn’t tried before and I’m always hopeful that I’ll like any of the teas that I buy and I’m trying to be completely opened minded when it comes to all of these teas that I’ve been buying and trying. But nope I didn’t like it at all, so this will probably be the last time that I buy anymore spice teas. They just aren’t for me, they just aren’t to my liking, I do not like this tea at all, so I will never buy it again!

Neutrogena Acne Stress Control


I have an oily nose, not anywhere else on my face, only my nose and it drives me insane, I wash my face a hundred times a day and I’ve tried a couple of things and they didn’t help much. So somebody told me to give this neutrogena acne stress control would help me, seeing that it helps people with acne, so it should help for an oily nose. But it didn’t help me at all, it helps for maybe 3 hours at most and then my nose is back oily again and I even tried using it with a toner that I have and I still got the same results, it only last for a few hours and then I have to wash my face again. So I don’t understand how it works for people that have acne, when most of them have very oily faces, it just doesn’t make sense to me at all. But maybe for some it works but for my oily nose it does nothing and another thing that I don’t like about this stuff is how it makes my face feel, it feels like a light lotion on my face once my face dries and I hate wearing actual lotion because of how heavy they are and how my skin feels once they dry.

And this stuff makes my face feel exactly the same way as lotion does when it dries and that’s a complete down side to using this stuff, so for me personally I won’t ever buy this stuff again and I would not recommend this to anybody else. And I’m going to continue my search for something that works better for my oily nose and something that will minimize it as much as possible.

Makeup Artist Does Black Makeup On White Model….


So apparently this makeup artist has caught a lot of slack online for doing this what people are calling black makeup on a white model and I personally think that the makeup is beautiful and I personally have nothing against it. And I honestly feel since today it seems like today white women want to be black so badly these days, why in the hell not just do their makeup to make them look how they wish that they were born?! Seems like white women these days can’t accept that they were born white anymore and they would rather be black, tanning like they are mixed or a light skinned black woman. So why not just do “black makeup” on them and make them look how they wished that they looked, so I say to all of the makeup artists out here, let this be motivation when you’re dealing with some of these white women, give them this look and I’m sure they will love it in the end.

Tea Reviews: Peach Detox, Salted Caramel, Peach Mango…..

I recently added a review page to my blog because I’m always seeing other bloggers and people on YouTube doing reviews on things and I was intrigued by that, so I wanted to give doing reviews of certain things a chance, so here’s my first one. I’ve recently gotten into drinking teas heavy the last couple of months. And my collection is literally growing by the weeks. I probably have about 30 different teas as of right now. And I went and got a few more teas last night when I got groceries. And I’ve tried three of the ones that I got last night, so here are my reviews of them.


Salted Caramel: I tried this one first and even though I had tried a different kind of caramel tea a few weeks back and I wasn’t a fan of it, I’m always excited about caramel drinks but just like the last caramel tea that I tried I didn’t like this one either. It has this very deep roasted flavor to it & I personal don’t care for roasted flavor teas, I know that when it comes to these teas, it’s more of a personal preference type of thing and for me I’m just not a fan of roasted flavor teas, so I don’t really care for this one and I won’t be buying it again but I had to try it to know if I would like it or not.


Peach Detox: peach detox, now this one I was excited about because I’ve tried peach teas made by two different brands and they both are my favorite teas and I’ve tried a different flavor of detox tea and it’s another one of my favorite teas. So I was so excited about trying this peach detox tea but to my surprise I did NOT like this tea, it’s probably one of the worst in a handful of teas that I would consider terrible and teas that I just wouldn’t ever buy again. There’s nothing about this tea that I liked at all but again I had to try it to know if I would like it or not.


Peach Mango: Peach mango, this one even though it’s peach and I loved regular peach teas and they are my absolute favorite teas, I was hesitant about this one because I don’t like mango’s and I’m a picky eater, so I’m always hesitant to try something new food/drink wise but since I’m on this tea kick, I said well you won’t know unless you try it. So I took a chance and I got this one anyways and it’s what I’ve been drinking so far today and I actually like this one, it does have a funky smell/taste to it but mango’s are somewhat of a funky fruit, so that’s not shocking to me. But this tea isn’t that bad, I don’t know if I would drink it without mixing it with some of my regular peach teas when I drink it but all and all it’s not a bad tea. I would possibly buy it again. So these are my reviews for these three teas that I’ve tried so far from the teas that I brought last night. I’ll continue to do reviews on many things and on teas that I’m trying for sure. Teas are something that I’m now in love with and I drink a lot of now!

Bus Driver Appreciation

bus 2I don’t drive, “by choice” long story but long story short, I have to walk my son to his bus stop Tuesday-Friday and my son bus driver knows this. And she’s been such an amazing bus driver when it comes to my son this entire school year so far. But it was bad weather on Thursday morning and she texted me to let me know that where she was before she got to my son bus stop & to let me know that she would pick him up from our house so that we didn’t have to get caught in the rain. And we had already made it to the bus stop but when she texted me we turned around and walked back home before the rain made it to us. And she did end up picking him up from our house instead of the bus stop that morning. And that was the one of a few times that she’s went above and beyond for my son and for myself because she knows the situation with my son living in two homes between my house and his dad house every other week and with me having to walk him to the bis stop.

And she’s gone above and beyond more then once and done way more then most bus drivers and people would do. She’s just an amazing person and she really cares about the kids that ride her bus and for that and for everything that she’s done for my son and myself I felt like I had to get her something just to say thank you, since my son last day of school is Friday and he will be moving onto middle school next year, so he may not see her anymore after Friday. So I got her a cute little card that I’m going to write a  nice little thank you in and give it to her Thursday. I just want her to know how thankful I am and how much I appreciate all that she’s done and I want her to know how great of a person that she is!

I also got a card for his teacher because she’s been such a great teacher to my son for not just one but two school years because she moved up a grade at the end of last year and I let my son stay in her class. And my son has had a lot of challenges these last two school years and he wouldn’t of made it as far as he has without her. So I want to show her how much I appreciate her also! Sometimes it’s the small thank you’s that matter and I feel like my son teacher and his bus driver both deserve thanks yous from me, they are both amazing people and I appreciate them so much for all that they’ve done!

Life After Death

I’ve recently been watching Hollywood medium with this amazing medium Tyler Henry, somebody that I very much believe is the real deal and is true to what he says that he does. And for me shows like this and ghost shows have special meaning to me and its more then just tv shows for me personally. See I’ve always had some kind of relationship with the dead since I was in the tenth grade. I’ve seen death a couple of times before its happened, what some call premonitions and I’ve had the dead come to me in my sleep a few times before. And I personally do believe that there is life after death, I don’t believe that just because your physical body dies that your soul dies. You physical body is just that, your physical body. But your soul doesn’t die until you want it to die, if you ever do.

I’m a firm believer that a person can have unfinished business on earth before they die and their soul won’t rest until that business is taken care of, rather it’s family, relationships, financial, friends or whatever the case may be, I do believe that if there are things that the person didn’t get to take care of before they died that they won’t rest until they do, even if it’s after death. So for me shows like this one are personal and mean something way more to me. And I know that their is life after death. Our physical body/organs are just the things that keep us alive but they mean nothing in reality, it’s the soul that matters and that never dies in my opinion!

Starting Meditation

So I decided to start meditating and I just finished doing my second morning of it via YouTube videos by this one user. I don’t know why I just want to be a more peaceful person all around, I want to get my temper under better control, be a nicer person, be a calmer person, just overall be a better me. I’m just at a place in my life where I want my life to be more peaceful and calmer. So I’m trying some new things that are suppose to be therapeutic and help to make people/myself calmer and a better person. I’ve also taken on adult coloring, I recently got my first adult coloring book and I’ve been coloring in it every late night this week and I’ve really been enjoying it. And now meditation also along with that and writing in my journal more, which I need to get better about & also blogging here. So hopefully all of these things will help to make me a better me and a better person overall!