Farrah Abraham Is Such A Bitch/What Is Wrong With This Woman?


I followed all of the teen mom shows since 16 and pregnant and this Farrah Abraham woman has been a bitch since she was on 16 and pregnant and I can’t for the life of me understand why she treats

people the way that she does. She snaps on people for no reason at all, just from them saying one little thing to her, she has this stank ass attitude and this is with the people who do the most and care the most for her.

She snaps on her mom the most and then there’s Simon, her on/off boyfriend/friends with benefits/whatever the hell he is in her life. And I find myself now taking his side after years of seeing how much she verbal abuses the people around her and she wonders why Simon won’t marry her. She’s never going to find a good man that will marry her with how badly she talks to people, she will end up alone or with a man that beats her ass every chance that he gets because her mouth is way to slick and no real man is going to put up with that. And I’m not condoning abuse but if she doesn’t get her mouth under control she will end up in an abusive relationship or end up alone and that’s just how I feel about it.


And I honestly wouldn’t at all feel bad about her getting her ass beat, from years of seeing how poorly she speaks to the people that she “claims” to love. Something had of happened to her to make her turn into such a bitch, such a cunt, I don’t know what it was but man she needs some serious help. I can not stand her. She’s just such a piece of shit but one day she will pay for how she speaks to people, when her daughter speaks to her the same way when she’s older Farrah will wish like hell that she didn’t treat people the way that she always has and it’ll be to damn late! But I can’t wait for that day to come and I know that a lot of other people that follow teen mom can’t wait for that day to come also. She will reap what shes sowing!

Whores/Hoes are truly winning

You know it’s so crazy to me how men talk about how women are whores/sluts/hoes whatever you want to call it because some women strip or have sex for money. And I’m not at all saying that I agree with any woman selling her body or stripping to make money because I do not but I am saying that these women that are making money these types of ways these days are actually winners in so many ways. And these men that are calling these women all out of their names are the losers in these situations nowadays. These same women that men are disrespecting are taking all of that money and paying for their collage education and stacking up their money for a better life and these men that are out here paying for these women to have sex with them or are spending their money in the strip clubs a lot of them have wives/girlfriends/children and they end up losing it all in the end.

Meanwhile these “whores” are taking their slut money and paying their way through collage and will end up with better jobs then these disrespectful men. These men that will have lost it all because they were the real whores/hoes/sluts. So if you ask me these whores of women are the real winners in the end a lot of the time!

How Men Speak These Days/This Generation

It’s so disgusting to me how men these days speak and how they speak to women, it’s down right disgusting in all honesty, it’s like men these days have no home training and weren’t raised right, like they have no home training. They speak with all this slang and call women all out of their names, men these days just aren’t at all like they use to be, men these days are horrible. I wish that men would go back to being how they use to be and act like they have home training and like they have self respect. I just can’t stand how these men are these says and they have no respect for women anymore, the same women that give birth to these sorry as men. No matter what women do they don’t deserve to be treated how men treat women these days. Men just are disgusting assholes these days.

It’s just so sickening how men are now, it just disgusts me truly. It’s hard to even be around good decent men anymore, men just aren’t made like they use to be. There aren’t that many good men left in the world, especially not in my generation or the generations younger then me. Good men are few, far and in between these days, that is for sure!

A Dr. Phil Exclusive: Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancée Speaks Out: My opinion Of This Interview….

I watched both parts of this interview that Dr. Phil did with Aaron Hernandez’s fiance did and I will say that the entire story sounds crazy as hell and a lot of it seems unbelievable to me and I don’t know if I believe all of what’s been said about Aaron Hernandez but I do believe that there is some truth to this very insane story. But the one thing that after seeing both parts of this interview that Aaron Hernandez’s fiance did I just don’t believe that she was fully truthful with Dr Phil in my heart of hearts.

As a woman there’s no way that his fiance threw away this trash that Aaron asked her to throw away and not ask any questions about what was in this bag/box, women are naturally curious creatures by nature.  Us women are made to ask questions and be nosey and want to know what’s going on. So I have a hard time believing that she just dumped this bag/box that Aaron asked her to dump and not ever asked what was in the bag or not took it upon herself to look and see what was in the bag for herself. I’m just not buying any of it, it just doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

I just feel like she’s still protecting Aaron and still trying to make him look good. Her side of the story just doesn’t sound right to me, seems like his fiance will do any and everything to protect Aaron Hernandez and continue to make him look like a man that he may not of been at the end of the day. Just like she let him come between her and her relationship with her own family, her own sister. Again because in her eyes Aaron could do no wrong. But I just don’t believe Aaron Hernandez fiance side of this crazy story at all, I believe that she’s lying and not telling the full story.

Teens Committing Suicide



This teen couple committed suicide over the weekend apparently over bullying, first the girl killed herself and a couple of days later the guy killed himself because he couldn’t live without his girlfriend. And as sad of a situation as this is, I’m at this point having a hard time feeling bad when these teen suicides continue to happen over and over these days. Because I feel like teens killing themselves has become a thing to do and I feel like parents aren’t raising their kids right anymore. Let me explain, bullying has been happening since there has been life and it probably will always continue to happen just like a lot of things that are unfortunate will continue to happen in life.

But if these parents raise their kids to be stronger individuals and strong people in general then these teens wouldn’t be so weak minded to let anything make them want to kill themselves. Kids/teens these days are just so weak minded because they aren’t raised to be stronger people by their parents. And parents aren’t watching their kinds like they should be, a lot of these suicides could of been stopped had parents been paying more attention to their kids and what their kids were doing. So it doesn’t all fall on these teens or their bullies, it falls on the parents more then anything in a lot of these situations in my opinion. Parents just aren’t doing their job like they should be but I feel like teens killing themselves has become like a trend with this generation.

You never heard of teens killing themselves in any other generation like you do now because teens have never been so weak minded like they are now. They were way more strong minded and raised to be stronger then that but these days I really feel like suicide has become a trend and a thing to do with these teens and it’s so sad that I feel that way but that’s honestly how I feel and I have a hard time really feeling true sympathy when these things continue to happen because I know that if parents step up and do better that alone will stop a lot of this!

Am I Cold hearted Or Am I Real/Honest

I was on the phone with babe and he was asking me some questions and I guess that my answers shocked him because he was asking me if I would ever date/be with a guy that’s special needs or disabled and I was very honest when I said NO I wouldn’t. And I explained to him that I’m just not acquitted for that kind of lifestyle and that’s not the kind of life that I want for myself and definitely not for my son. And I don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with how I feel or me being honest about this. I feel like certain people are meant for that kind of life and I’m just not one of those people. And in reality I think that I should be respected for being honest with myself when it comes to this topic and I don’t think that I’m cold hearted for not lying to myself about this type of situation.

I think that more people should be honest with themselves about things in life, especially when it comes to things like this. But most importantly I think that more people should be honest with themselves and not put themselves in situations that they know that they aren’t acquitted to be in, in the first place. I don’t think that I’m wrong in how I feel, I think that I’m honest with myself and I would never put myself in a situation that I know that I’m not meant to be in. That kind of life just isn’t for me and I’m okay with that!

Dad working my nerves

If you’ve been following my blog then you know that my dad is in a nursing home, well we go visit him on Saturdays and some weeks things with him are good and some days things with him are bad. And for me today is a bad day with my dad, as soon as I walked in the door he went to talking crazy and we’ve been over the issue that he brought up multiple times before and I get it, he wants to go home but that’s just not happening, he’s way past the point of being able to go home. That’s just not an option at this point in his life and he knows this but at times it’s like he loses track of reality and I get that in his old age and him not wanting to be in the nursing home and the fact that he hasn’t fully accepted that this is the point of where he is at 81 years old, it makes it hard for him to accept certain things.

So I get that I might sound unsupportive and like I’m not being a loving daughter but I’m also human and I can only take so much and I’ve hit yet another breaking point when it comes to my dad and his antics when we come to see him at times. And just because he’s old and in denial doesn’t mean that he has the right to treat us, me/my mom and especially when we are the people that do the most for him. I just think that I might have to stop coming to see my dad every week for a while and maybe start coming to see him every other week for a little while. sometimes we need to miss people and realize what we are missing and I may just need time away from my dad for my own sanity. I just needed to vent after walking into my dad room today and him instantly upsetting me and pushing me to yet another breaking point since he’s been in the nursing home. Sometimes I just need to vent, I’m human!