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Life After Death

I’ve recently been watching Hollywood medium with this amazing medium Tyler Henry, somebody that I very much believe is the real deal and is true to what he says that he does. And for me shows like this and ghost shows have special meaning to me and its more then just tv shows for me personally. See I’ve always had some kind of relationship with the dead since I was in the tenth grade. I’ve seen death a couple of times before its happened, what some call premonitions and I’ve had the dead come to me in my sleep a few times before. And I personally do believe that there is life after death, I don’t believe that just because your physical body dies that your soul dies. You physical body is just that, your physical body. But your soul doesn’t die until you want it to die, if you ever do.

I’m a firm believer that a person can have unfinished business on earth before they die and their soul won’t rest until that business is taken care of, rather it’s family, relationships, financial, friends or whatever the case may be, I do believe that if there are things that the person didn’t get to take care of before they died that they won’t rest until they do, even if it’s after death. So for me shows like this one are personal and mean something way more to me. And I know that their is life after death. Our physical body/organs are just the things that keep us alive but they mean nothing in reality, it’s the soul that matters and that never dies in my opinion!


Teens Committing Suicide



This teen couple committed suicide over the weekend apparently over bullying, first the girl killed herself and a couple of days later the guy killed himself because he couldn’t live without his girlfriend. And as sad of a situation as this is, I’m at this point having a hard time feeling bad when these teen suicides continue to happen over and over these days. Because I feel like teens killing themselves has become a thing to do and I feel like parents aren’t raising their kids right anymore. Let me explain, bullying has been happening since there has been life and it probably will always continue to happen just like a lot of things that are unfortunate will continue to happen in life.

But if these parents raise their kids to be stronger individuals and strong people in general then these teens wouldn’t be so weak minded to let anything make them want to kill themselves. Kids/teens these days are just so weak minded because they aren’t raised to be stronger people by their parents. And parents aren’t watching their kinds like they should be, a lot of these suicides could of been stopped had parents been paying more attention to their kids and what their kids were doing. So it doesn’t all fall on these teens or their bullies, it falls on the parents more then anything in a lot of these situations in my opinion. Parents just aren’t doing their job like they should be but I feel like teens killing themselves has become like a trend with this generation.

You never heard of teens killing themselves in any other generation like you do now because teens have never been so weak minded like they are now. They were way more strong minded and raised to be stronger then that but these days I really feel like suicide has become a trend and a thing to do with these teens and it’s so sad that I feel that way but that’s honestly how I feel and I have a hard time really feeling true sympathy when these things continue to happen because I know that if parents step up and do better that alone will stop a lot of this!

One Year After Losing Prince

Yesterday was one year to the day of the death of one of the greatest entertainers that this world will ever know and the greatest genius of this time in my opinion. And I chose to remember him by watching all of his videos that MTV did in an eight episode tribute marathon and I dvred every episode and watched them all yesterday. I chose to sing, dance, smile and be happy celebrating his life and his music instead of being sad. And I had a great time and I know that’s how the purple one would want us fans being, happy celebrating him and his music instead of being sad.


Diamonds And Pearls from Hotwax Residues on Vimeo.

Rest in purple paradise to the one and only purple one Prince, make more amazing music up there and I know that you’re rocking out on the guitar up there also. I’ll love and adore you forever my Prince, 4/21!