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Makeup Artist Does Black Makeup On White Model….


So apparently this makeup artist has caught a lot of slack online for doing this what people are calling black makeup on a white model and I personally think that the makeup is beautiful and I personally have nothing against it. And I honestly feel since today it seems like today white women want to be black so badly these days, why in the hell not just do their makeup to make them look how they wish that they were born?! Seems like white women these days can’t accept that they were born white anymore and they would rather be black, tanning like they are mixed or a light skinned black woman. So why not just do “black makeup” on them and make them look how they wished that they looked, so I say to all of the makeup artists out here, let this be motivation when you’re dealing with some of these white women, give them this look and I’m sure they will love it in the end.


Whores/Hoes are truly winning

You know it’s so crazy to me how men talk about how women are whores/sluts/hoes whatever you want to call it because some women strip or have sex for money. And I’m not at all saying that I agree with any woman selling her body or stripping to make money because I do not but I am saying that these women that are making money these types of ways these days are actually winners in so many ways. And these men that are calling these women all out of their names are the losers in these situations nowadays. These same women that men are disrespecting are taking all of that money and paying for their collage education and stacking up their money for a better life and these men that are out here paying for these women to have sex with them or are spending their money in the strip clubs a lot of them have wives/girlfriends/children and they end up losing it all in the end.

Meanwhile these “whores” are taking their slut money and paying their way through collage and will end up with better jobs then these disrespectful men. These men that will have lost it all because they were the real whores/hoes/sluts. So if you ask me these whores of women are the real winners in the end a lot of the time!

Am I Cold hearted Or Am I Real/Honest

I was on the phone with babe and he was asking me some questions and I guess that my answers shocked him because he was asking me if I would ever date/be with a guy that’s special needs or disabled and I was very honest when I said NO I wouldn’t. And I explained to him that I’m just not acquitted for that kind of lifestyle and that’s not the kind of life that I want for myself and definitely not for my son. And I don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with how I feel or me being honest about this. I feel like certain people are meant for that kind of life and I’m just not one of those people. And in reality I think that I should be respected for being honest with myself when it comes to this topic and I don’t think that I’m cold hearted for not lying to myself about this type of situation.

I think that more people should be honest with themselves about things in life, especially when it comes to things like this. But most importantly I think that more people should be honest with themselves and not put themselves in situations that they know that they aren’t acquitted to be in, in the first place. I don’t think that I’m wrong in how I feel, I think that I’m honest with myself and I would never put myself in a situation that I know that I’m not meant to be in. That kind of life just isn’t for me and I’m okay with that!

My Truth

Sitting here debating on if I wanted to share this particular posting or not because its more personal then probably anything else that I’ll share with you all but I want my blog to be a mixture of everything, fun things, random things, my opinion on certain things/people and personal things. And this is my truth and I should be able to share that and not be afraid. And as I always say I know that there are people that can always relate to what others go through or deal with. So with all of this being said, most people that know me don’t know that I have a sister because we’ve never been close and I don’t think that we ever will be and here’s why.

My dad didn’t raise her but he raised me, let me explain to you why. So my dad was born in 1935, yes my dad is 81 years and my sister is 58 years old from what my dad tells me. But back when she was born black people had to work and work meant traveling around from state to state. So from what my dad tells me he couldn’t take my sister on the road with him from state to state/place to place, so he left her with his mother to raise since her mom didn’t want her from what I’ve been told. So my dad was the only parent that she had. So from what my dad has always told me he did the best that he felt like he could do for her back then.

So years and years later my parents met and years and years later I was born and my dad raised me and hes been a standup man in my mind but there has always been a wedge between me and my sister. Because I’ve always felt like she was maybe jealous that he raised me and not her because of how she treated me. I spent years trying to be in her life and in my neice and nephew lives but at some point after continuing to feel rejected by her I had to move on without her in my life and only love her because we have the same dad and some of the same DNA. So for years we’ve been estranged, my entire life, I’ve seen my sister I think twice my entire life but last week we finally had the talk that was over 30 years coming and she was very open and honest with me about everything and her truth.

And she basically told me how in her eyes our dad didn’t really want her I guess, he never did anything for her, never gave her any money, I guess that in her eyes he wasn’t ready to be a be a dad when she was born. She felt like for the first 30 years of her life nobody wanted her because her mom never wanted her and my dad had to work she he left her with his mom to raise and to her he didn’t spend enough time with her when she was growing up, when he would go back home to visit. And even though to me I’ll never see my dad like she does because that’s not that man that I know, he was always there for me but if there is any truth to what she said, maybe back when he had her he may not of been ready to be a father back then all those years ago. I don’t know, its he said, she said when it comes to my dad and my sister and I’ll always be in the middle of it no matter what and no matter how many years pass.

But my dad says things completely different then what my sister saying, so I’ll never know who to believe or what to believe, my sister was born almost 30 years before I was born, so whatever happened between my dad and my sister was long before I was ever even thought of. But the conversation that me and my sister had last week was years in the making and it needed to happen for me and my sister to ever have any type of real relationship with each other and for both of us to be able to move on with any lingering feelings about this entire situation. And even though my sister will say that she let go of that not being wanted feelings almost 30 years ago, I’m pretty sure that she’s felt some type of pain and feelings about our dad raising me and still being with my mom and him never being with her mom and him not raising her.

But now I think that we can both put everything behind us and I hope that we can build some sort of relationship as sisters and maybe me and my sister having the talk that needed to be had can bring my sister closer to our dad also. Time will tell but I definitely think that this conversation needed to happen finally and I’m happy that it happened, it was a weight off of my shoulders and I hope off of my sister shoulders also. So to anybody that is in a situation like this, where a parent didn’t raise you but raised another one of their kids or if you’re the child that they raised but they didn’t raise another one of their maybe sit down and talk it out and maybe things will be better between you to and maybe the talk will help the situation. But I needed to speak about this situation in the hopes that it will help others in this type of situation and because I wanted to share a more personal side of myself for a change!